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Vintage Disneyland Golden Horseshow Review Mug

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  • Vintage Disneyland Golden Horseshow Review Mug

    I'm hoping that someone can help me with some information regarding a souvenir cup that I have from the Golden Horseshoe Review at Disneyland. This souvenir mug is shaped like a boot. It is tan in color. And has a date of 1986 on it I believe. The mug is in brand new condition. There are no scrapes, scuffs, scratches, or surface marks of any kind anywhere on the mug. I'm not even sure if the mug was ever even used. It literally looks brand new! Does anyone know anything about these. Or does anyone collect Disneyland items like this? Any and all information that anyone can provide me on this item would be great. I actually have 2 of these! In the exact same condition! And may be willing to pass one on to a collector if interested! I hope someone can help me with this! Thanks again!

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    Re: Vintage Disneyland Golden Horseshow Review Mug

    I have two of the exact same thing, in the exact same shape. However, I won them in a door prize contest, and have no clue as to their supposed value.


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