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I Have Original Figures from Small World Ride

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  • I Have Original Figures from Small World Ride

    I am new to this site. As a native Southern California girl...I grew up with fond memories of the early Disneyland rides. I recently came across 2 figures which were victims of the Small World renovation. I aquired them primarily because they are part of my fond memories and partly because they are just a big piece of Disneyland history. I am hoping to find some more knowledgeable people who can help me place where they may have come from inside the ride, and secondly, perhaps someone can direct me to the right people or sight who might help me with value or finding an ultimate home for these children. I am also wondering how they ended up floatng around...are there more or were these swiped from the reconstruction site? I am attatching the photos I took. One has mismatched arms. there is one wig which i believe went with the lighter skinned one. there are no clothes. the lighter one has glue on it's lips and forhead. they had moving arms but nothing else moves. Thank you!

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