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Showing off my collection...

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  • Showing off my collection...

    I was looking for a thread that I could add to, but all of the threads with other's collections were now closed threads. So I am starting yet another. These photos are of one of the larger display cases we have full of Disney stuff. I mostly enjoy Disneyland merch, so you will see that most of the stuff in these photos is Disneyland related, but there are other items hiding in amongst the Disneyland stuff.

    I'd love to see everyone else's collections.

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    Re: Showing off my collection...

    Cool collection! I love looking at collections that people post. Hopefully everyone will contribute and keep this thread alive!


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      Re: Showing off my collection...

      You can see my collection by visiting the link in my signature.

      I see you have one of the replica metal badges.. here's a pic of two items from my collection you might enjoy. On top is the replica badge, on bottom an original cast badge from 1955. The difference being is that the original badge on the bottom was issued to a Disneyland Maintenance Department supervisor, and has his full name instead of a random employee number.

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