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Main Street Platform Update - Disneyland AND WDW

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  • Main Street Platform Update - Disneyland AND WDW

    We got news on Main Street for both Disneyland and WDW. Disneyland first.

    The reservation window for the Disneyland Main Street platform has opened and is scheduled to close on May 31st, so you only have 20 days to place your order. Orders can be placed here (RESERVATION PAYMENT for the Disneyland Main Street, U.S.A. Platform Base), but be prepared for sticker shock. The price of the platform has increased dramatically with the down payment being $200 and the balance being $345 for a grand total of $545 for the Main Street platform. For comparison, the balance price was the original TOTAL cost of the platform back when orders began back in 2006. Anyway, the current wave of Main Street platforms will begin shipping in September. Number of platforms produced will be as many orders are placed in the next 20 days.

    Olszewski Studios is conducting a survey to determine a rough number of Main Street WDW platforms with the same cost figures as for Disneyland Main Street ($200 down payment, $345 balance, $545 total) projected. Production on Main Street WDW platforms will not start until information comes in from the survey. If interested in the WDW platform, the survey is located here (

    My heart (and wallet) bleeds for anyone doing all three platforms this year. OWCH.

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