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  • Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

    Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast
    TDS Express Export Shopping Service
    Wish List & Gratuity Guidelines

    Please read this entire document thoroughly and carefully before submitting questions about the process. If you still have questions or are interested in becoming a Wish Lister, please post here in this same thread; I check regularly and I will see it. Guidelines subject to change; be sure to check here again each time before you submit your Wish List.

    Please do NOT PM (Private Message) me. If you are interested in becoming a Wish Lister, simply post "I would like to make a Wish List" HERE in this forum. Please do NOT post your actual List here, just a note that you are interested. I will contact you.

    Posting your interest publicly in this thread for First-Time Wish Listers has two important functions:

    1. It keeps my Private Message (PM) box from filling up, which is very important for both me personally and for Duffy Post.
    2. The second, more important purpose is that it makes Wish Listers part of the MiceChat community. Duffy Post is meant to be more than just a shopping service; it is intended to be an extension of our Duffy fan community. It was born from response to expressed community need and its guidelines were created and agreed upon through community discussion. When people only contact me directly to "order" merchandise and don't get involved with the community here, I feel that Duffy Post has failed. I am not trying to run a business here. If I was, I'd definitely be charging more. Please respect this and post in this thread for first contact - AND KEEP POSTING. This also gives veteran Wish Listers and other MiceChatters a chance to answer some questions, so that it really continues to be a co-op project, like Minnie's Duffy Workshop. New Wish Listers, please respect the spirit of community that inspired me to offer the Duffy Post and participate here. Get to know the wonderful folks who make up the Duffeteer Society of Tenders, Artists & Romantics.

    The "D-day" for orders is two weeks before the announced Shopping Day.

    Naturally, I will ship anywhere EMS goes.

    Duffy Post's mission is to support Duffy and Duffy fans everywhere,
    with authentic, quality merchandise worthy of the character.

    1. The total value of your Wish List must be ¥3000 or greater, TDS retail price*
    2. At least 50% of your Wish List's value must come from Duffy/ShellieMay items
    3. Funds must be transferred via PayPal and IN JAPANESE YEN 2 weeks prior to Shopping Day

      *Wish Lists valued LESS THAN ¥10,000 should add an additional ¥500 service fee to the basic charge of ¥1000

    I will not shop for less than 3 Wish Listers.

    Announced Shopping Days
    • +30% Halloween, Christmas, and Sweet Duffy items (September~March)
      (only +25% with Fab Five Finger Discount!*)
      >non-seasonal items will also be discounted to the special rate only when seasonal items total ¥10,000 or more
    • +33% for non-seasonal releases (April~August)
      (only +30% with Fab Five Finger Discount!*)

      Seasonal and Non-seasonal (in most cases) OR ¥3100 (1/2 Park Entrance) + Transportation, divided by number of Wish Listers – whichever is more.

    Special Request Trips
    • +50% anytime, year-round
      PLUS ¥6200 (Park Entrance) + ¥2000 (Transportation with no taxi) = ¥8200, divided by number of Special Requesters
      (only +40% with Fab Five Finger Discount!*)

    *Fab Five Finger Discount = five people ordering

    + SHIPPING/PACKAGING charges figured separately

    For each new release I plan to offer one announced Shopping Day at the start of its season. This will be at my sole discretion, but as always, I will strive to be considerate of everyone here. Additional shopping days will offer the adjusted rate of +50% if less than five people submit Wish Lists and +40% for five or more.

    *It will be YOUR responsibility to post and recruit people to get the Fab Five discount, although so far it seems to be a fair expectation for announced shopping days. I will likely be able to accomodate anyone's schedule, yet still it pays to get in on announced days. Either way, more is merrier. Chat with friends and be sure five folks are in!^^

    1. You'll post your interest in ordering here in this same thread. Do NOT PM (Private Message) me. If my MiceChat Inbox fills up and no one can communicate with me, everyone loses. Those who have already joined the Shopping Service previously should continue to communicate with me exclusively via email.^^
    2. For first-timers, I'll reply via MiceChat PM and send you the Duffy Post email address (which is how you will find me in PayPal). This email address (and yours^^), as well as any other personal information exchanged between us is NOT meant to be shared. MiceChat is an anonymous place and you do NOT have my permission to pass my name, email address nor any other details on to anyone - ever.
    3. You'll submit a clearly stated, itemized Wish List, clearly displaying the number of items desired (if more than one). It should also include what you know the price in yen to be for each item, your Sub-total before Gratuity and then the Grand Total including gratuity (and ¥500 Service Fee if total is less than ¥10,000). Pricing information will be posted in the グッズ ("Goods") section on the Japanese official Duffy site. Link HERE for a Google Translate version in English, but do NOT rely on this translation; it's for support only. I will also post a definitive list of items and prices in the Duffy Forum, although probably in the event thread, not this Duffy Post thread. Use the information on the official Duffy site and here in our MiceChat community to make your Wish List. It helps to stay active, so you know where to look. Your Wish List goes to my email address; do NOT PM me. Also please include your full name, MiceChat ID, birthdate and shipping address with your Wish List. As a point of common courtesy in the Internet age, it is an expectation that we will never use our real names on these boards nor in any public arena or in any case without clearly expressed prior written consent.

    4. Wish Lists should follow a precise format including ALL of the following information, or they will not be accepted. DO NOT SEND WISH LISTS AS .DOC, .PDF or any other kind of attachments. I copy and paste from emails to make the "master" shopping list. Attachments and variations of item names and formatting slow down my process significantly. It may be easiest to simply copy, paste (as plain text) and edit the template below:

      Mr/Ms Full Name - MiceChat ID - Birthdate* (DAY/MONTH/YEAR)
      *I would like to know ages of Wish Listers, and it's always fun to know birthdays!^^
      STREET 1
      STREET 2 (if applicable)
      APARTMENT NUMBER (if applicable)

      Plush (D/S) Medium/Small ¥PRICE (xQUANTITY *if more than 1)
      SERIES/Item (Duffy/Shellie) ¥PRICE (xQUANTITY *if more than 1)

      Service Fee



      Harry Potter - SorcerersApprentice - 31/JULY/1980
      Number 4 Privet Drive
      The Cupboard Under the Stairs
      Little Whinging
      United Kingdom
      LW4 7JK


      RSSM Plush (Small) ¥3900 (x2)
      RSSM Skirt/Panty ¥1200
      RSSM Heart Cockle ¥600
      CRL Costume (Duffy) ¥3900

      CRL Costume (Shellie) ¥3900

      SUB-TOTAL (Regular): ¥9400
      SUB-TOTAL (Seasonal): ¥7800
      Gratuity (30%): ¥2820
      Gratuity (25%): ¥1950
      Service Fee: ¥1000

      GRAND TOTAL: ¥22,970

      I also always appreciate attention to spelling, capitalization and punctuation in all communication. Especially when dealing with transglobal transactions, it is wise, I think, to be as clear as possible.^^

    5. I'll check everything, too, and reply by email to confirm your Wish List. I will NOT do your math for you; I will check. If your Wish List is not presented in the above format – itemized, numbered, priced, sub-totaled and totaled in YEN – I may simply ignore it, or I may choose to total your items at a higher rate to include service fees more appropriate to my level of work. Work is not really the primary reason for this, though; the main thing is that I want to be sure that you know what you're getting and how much you're spending. This way, we hopefully have no need for changes once I send the confirmation email. Changes slow Duffy Post down and make it confusing. This shopping service is as much a co-op as Minnie's Workshop; there is a "right way" to be a Wish Lister and it does take a little bit of effort and respect, as well as patience on all sides.^^
    6. You'll send the money via PayPal to my email address (which will NOT include shipping) AND email me to let me know you’ve done this. Payments MUST be made in YEN. Other currencies are NOT accepted. I will not convert from or to dollars and neither should you, except for your own notes. I never expect to discuss ANY currency other than yen. Our transactions will be thought of completely in yen. This should be a minimum of TWO WEEKS BEFORE I go to shop, so that the bank transfer actually has time to go through and I have cash in hand.

      When in PayPal, on the "PURCHASE" tab, please select "Services"; on the "PERSONAL" tab, please select "Payment Owed." When you continue onto the confirmation request page, you should see the option "Sender Pays Fees" or “I will pay the fees.” Ensure this box is ticked.

      If you do not see this option, return to the previous screen and modify the selection(s) until you see that option. If I am charged fees of any kind, the fee amount will be added to your shipping cost, and you will need to be very careful not to repeat the mistake when you make the shipping cost transfer. Items will not be shipped as long as there are any outstanding fees.

      I have been told that this fee may be avoided in PayPal if your bank account is linked.

      Because I am not selling items to you and not looking to maximize my personal gain, I will not be responsible for any PayPal fees. It's apparently as simple as this:

      ...actually when I was transferring the payment, it allows you to tick whether you pay the PayPal fees or the receiver - I chose the first. Maybe that's what you can suggest others to choose next time. Hope it helps...

      I will intentionally wait until everyone sends funds before moving them from PayPal to my bank account. If my withdrawal is large enough, I pay no fees which means YOU pay no additional fees. We're all in this together; that's the whole point!

      Originally posted by ZTRinZler View Post
      Below is a pictorial guide demonstrating how to send money via PayPal…without accidentally charging the recipient of your funds, such as DuffyD, any fees!

      Step 1: Login to your PayPal account.
      When you login to your PayPal account, you should be on your homepage, and five tabs (four (4) blue, non-highlighted tabs and one (1) gray, highlighted tab) should be visible. The tabs, demarcated as “My Account,” “Send Money,” “Request Money,” “Merchant Services,” and “Products & Services,” should appear as follows:

      Step 2: Click on the “Send Money.”

      Two (2) links should appear below the "Send Money" tab: the Send Money Online link and the Pay for eBay Items link. Generally, when the "Send Money" tab is selected, the Send Money Online link page automatically loads. The Send Money Online link page is the page you want. You’re on the correct page if the format for the Send Money Online link is black, bold, and underlined; the format for the Pay for eBay items link is blue, not bold, and not underlined; and the page appears as follows:

      Step 3: Input the email address for the recipient of your money transfer/payment in the “To” row.

      For this example, the City of Manhattan decided to send money to Tony Stark/Iron Man whose email address is (DISCLAIMER: this email address is not confirmed nor is it confirmed to be the email address of Tony Stark/Iron Man. It is for demonstrative purposes only).

      Step 4: Input the quantity you would like to pay, in the appropriate currency, in the “Amount” row. To change the currency to Japanese Yen, click the downward facing arrowhead in the currency tab, scroll down until you find Japanese Yen, highlight Japanese Yen, then click on Japanese Yen.Step 5: To ensure that your recipient does NOT pay any fees, click on the “PERSONAL” tab, select “Payment Owed,” then click “Continue.” This step is the most important step to ensure your recipient does not pay any PayPal fees!

      If the City of Manhattan were to pay Tony Stark/Iron Man from a bank account, then there would not be a fee. When transferring money from a bank account the subsequent page should appear as follows (note the lack of a fee):

      If, however, the City of Manhattan were to pay Tony Stark/Iron Man with either a credit or a debit card, then there would be a fee and the City of Manhattan would have to pay it.

      Make sure you check the box confirming that YOU (the sender) WILL PAY THE FEE! (We don't want Tony Stark/Iron Man to avoid helping the City of Manhattan (or the Universe for that matter) in the future because the City of Manhattan forgot to check the box confirming it would pay the fee).

      Step 6: Click “Send Money” to transfer your funds to the recipient, and you’re done.

    8. Then, ideally within one week from the Shopping Day, I'll go to the post office, pack everything up and get a shipping total for EMS. I'll send you a new email with the shipping charge information. There are likely to be so many orders that I will have to do multiple trips to realistically go to the post office, find out the shipping charges, return home, wait for your transfer and then go back to the post office to ship. I can only fit so much on my bicycle.^^ Also, shipping costs will be handled like shopping costs - I'll withdraw to my bank only once everyone has sent funds, and only ship after withdrawing to my bank and getting cash in hand.

      I will not know anyone's shipping totals until I go to the post office. I WILL SHIP EXCLUSIVELY BY EMS - NO EXCEPTIONS, so all orders will be tracked and insured (boxes valued over ¥20,000 will pay a small charge for the extra insurance), and I'll send you the tracking number the same day or the next day. There are too many people and too much stuff to accomodate personal preferences and it's gonna be difficult enough just to buy, sort and ship everything efficiently. I will use one system for everyone always in order to keep the Service going, and to make sure that we're all excited about our fluffy new stuff at just about the same time. EMS Rates from Japan can be found HERE on the EMS page of the Japan Post site.
    9. You'll transfer funds for shipping AND email me to let me know you've done this. Again, be sure you use the PERSONAL tab and select "PAYMENT OWED." Then make sure to select "Sender Pays Fees," NOT Receiver.^^ In re-rethinking all this, I am now less certain that "GIFT" is an appropriate option, although I don't think I'll know if you use it, since you'll select "Sender Pays Fees" either way. In looking at examples on PayPal, though, Wish Listers are not giving me a "gift." Yet I also don't feel comfortable with Duffy Post being thought of or labeled as a "Purchase." The most accurate representation of our relationship, I think, is the PERSONAL tab with the PAYMENT OWED option; I think that just about accurately reflects the spirit of the Duffy Post, whatever fees involved. Be sure, again, that you understand the protections you give up in both methods and that I (receiver) don't pay fees.
    10. I'll confirm the transfer by email. Actual shipping may be delayed as much as a week or more, while we wait for everyone's PayPal transactions to come through and then to clear my bank. Patience is appreciated.^^
    11. I'll email you with the EMS tracking number to confirm that I shipped it, and so that you can track the package yourself. This is where my responsibility technically ends, although of course we'll still be in communication. By now, we’re totally BFFs, right?
    13. Finally, you'll email me to let me know your Care Package arrived, safe and sound.


    The Regular Series lineup has been completely revised. The new policy is to check the グッズ ("Goods") section on the Japanese official Duffy site. If you can't find it there, it's not available for Duffy Post. The prices and sizes (in centimeters, for most items) can be found there as well.^^

    Regular Series Duffy
    RSD Plush (D) Small ¥3900 **standard size for costumes**

    Regular Series Shellie May
    RSSM Plush (S) Small ¥3900 **standard size for costumes**

    Other Regular Series items may be found HERE, with prices and item names.


    Food Items and Breakables *I will not be responsible for melting, box/tin/ceramic damage, expiry, quality, etc... Food items and breakables are inherently risky.

    Pricing for Dessert Cups and Plates has changed and both are now ¥800. This may change in the future. Always check the Japanese site.^^

    *Also note that the ceramic Dessert Cup/Plate sets from Cape Cod Cook-off include fresh food items in the price. You will NOT, however, receive these food items, and there is NO discount.
    Last edited by DuffyDaisuki; 06-07-2014, 04:16 PM. Reason: Reposting original Guidelines for now...…

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    Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

    I have created a new thread so that there is a place where the lessons learned and guidelines needed can all be found in one post. Feedback is appreciated.

    Of note is that I have changed the minimum order guidelines. The new minimum order is ¥6000. This would have had no effect on almost everyone who ordered this time, but I can already see that I wouldn't like to do this for less than that per person. If it really is an impossible problem, I may consider revising it. I have, indeed, had a long day filled with the Shopping Service, and I may feel differently after sleeping on it. As I see it, though, the minimum order is me trying to correct a different regret I have today...

    I can already see myself thinking that +30/25% is really not enough for this service. How would we feel about +40/30%? In hindsight, this seems like what I should have done in the first place. There is probably always going to be a "Fab 5." 25% is an absolute steal! Would a 40/30 system have stopped you guys from being able to purchase everything you wanted? If we can agree to 40/30, I can promise never to adjust the rate again. It just becomes a lot of work very quickly and I want to stay positive about it...but I want everyone to feel good about it!^^

    I'd say that one of these two things MUST happen, and I figured the minimum order would be more popular. I can't guarantee that the rate won't change, too, though. I'd prefer an open discussion about it rather than me just changing it. We've probly got a while until the next release.

    Like the FAQs, the first post in this thread will be constantly updated to reflect the current Guidelines. Let's make them together!^^


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      Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

      I'm so glad to hear you'll be offering this again!!!
      How often are new releases? When do you think the next one will be?

      Thanks for posting this as well!


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        Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

        Sounds cool but I can't afford to spend 6000 yen for items right now =/


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          Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

          I'm not sure, but I'm guessing the next release won't be until April, when TDS 10th Anniversary events start. If the TDR 25th was any indication, we can expect a lotAnnounced Shopping Days
          • +30 for Sweet Duffy, Halloween and Christmas
            (only +25% with Fab Five Finger Discount!))
          • +33% for non-seasonal releases
            (only +30% with Fab Five Finger Discount!)
          *I like how the seasonal and regular rates are linked, too!

          Special Request Trips
          • +50% anytime, year-round
            (only +40% with Fab Five Finger Discount!)

          I really like this plan. It helps me cover costs (including time and energy) even when the Wish Lists are likely to be small, which removes the need for a minimum. Folks who only need to request one costume still can, which makes me very


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            Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

            CHANGE OF PLANS:

            I will send out shipping totals Monday (probably between 12n~2pm in Tokyo) and then await payment. Having issues with PayPal I'd like to work out before using it again.
            Last edited by DuffyDaisuki; 01-22-2011, 01:45 AM. Reason: Details unnecessary for non-Wish Listers. Sorry for the too-long post.^^


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              Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

              I'm flexible, and will work with whatever you need to do. I hope Paypal posts to your bank account soon, I know that's very annoying. Unless it's because its' a large amount? I don't know for sure. Also, I hope your students get what they want, it sounds like some of them have some ambitions.


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                Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

                What ever we can do to not make this stressful for you is fine with me.

                I'm sorry for what ever is going on with paypal and the bank. Why things can't go smoothly I'll never know. They make it sound so easy to pay with paypal and then stuff like this happens.

                Good luck with your students. Im sure they will do well.
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                  Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

                  About half the Wish Listers have receiived your Care Packages. If you haven't received yours yet, keep a close eye out. Flylikadove, I'm really hopeful for you. It's already your birthday for me here in Tokyo
                  (:yea:HAPPY BIRTHDAY:yea
                  but if you're around the house, it's possible it could get to you just in time. Maybe call the post office in the morning and see if they have a way to rush it through Customs and deliver on the quick? I really thought it would still get there in time. Hopefully at least by Valentine's.:love:


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                    Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

                    oh thank you!!!
                    well i'm leaving at about 10 to one of the DL hotels tommorow, but if it does come later that day i might go back and get it since i'm not actually going to DL til Saturday! here's hoping!!!


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                      Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

                      Just wanted to pop by to say that I received my Duffy Post package yesterday Thank you, DuffyDaisuki! I :love: everything, and Duffy, ShellieMay, and Duffster are quite happy with their new costumes! Thank you again!

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                        Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

                        I got mine yesterday! I'm so happy with everything. The quality of all of it was amazing, as usual. Thank you, DuffyDaisuki!


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                          Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

                          Just got my delivery. Thank you so much for all your hard work in doing all of this. I can't say thank you enough.

                          The detail on the coats are amazing. I love how there is real pockets, it will be cute to pose him with his paws in his pockets. The detail on the sleeves is really cute. Wish I had a matching coat lol.

                          Thank you again.
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                            Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

                            I'm still awaiting on my package of Duffy goodness. I'm keeping up to date with the tracking number and suspect the goods to arrive Monday now, since most items shipped from Asia to my address take about a week to arrive. DuffyDaisuki I will email you directly the moment it arrives. I just wanted to leave an update so you don't think I havn't bothered to get back in contact with you!

                            Very encourage to read how much detail has gone into the costumes. The US Disney Parks could certainly learn a thing from the Tokyo Resort on how to supply decent standard costumes, instead of the cheaper options that it currently uses now.
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                              Re: Duffy Post Coast-to-Coast TDS Express Export Shopping Service

                              Originally posted by Malin View Post
                              I'm still awaiting on my package of Duffy goodness. I'm keeping up to date with the tracking number and suspect the goods to arrive Monday now, since most items shipped from Asia to my address take about a week to arrive. DuffyDaisuki I will email you directly the moment it arrives. I just wanted to leave an update so you don't think I havn't bothered to get back in contact with you!
                              I'm actually a little confused. EMS showed "Final Delivery" on 2/9...I thought you already had yours. Now it says "Processing at delivery Post Office" again. Please do keep me posted; I hope it's in your hands soon!^^


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