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WDW Duffy Goods

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  • WDW Duffy Goods

    Can anyone list all the Duffy goods available at WDW right now? The website doesn't have any information so it would be a really big help.
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    Re: WDW Duffy Goods

    All of the goods I have seen so far at Disney World are as follows:

    Duffy 12" bears - Birthday, Christmas, Valentine, 2011, Disney 40, First Disney Bear

    Duffy 17"

    Larger Duffy plush, forgot the inches, but he's HUGE and retails for $60

    Costumes: China, Germany, France, UK, Canada, Mexico, Safari, US baseball, My first trip to Disney World, and of course the Sailor

    Wrislet purse
    2 pins - one where Mickey is holding Duffy and the other is just Duffy sitting

    Duffy Chocolate cake and rice krispie treats

    Also, in the restaurants they have Duffy kid's menu placemats.

    I'm still waiting on the popcorn buckets and the mugs. Also, I wish Disney World had the glasshouse balloons, as they do in DL and CA.

    That's the list so far...


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      Re: WDW Duffy Goods

      Thank you so much! I have one more question if it's ok? Does DCA have a different costume selection? I could have sworn there was a cars and Sorcerer Mickey costume that was supposed to be sold but I know it's not at WDW. Again thank you so much for your help!
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        Re: WDW Duffy Goods

        WDW is supposed to get those as well. The only costume that is different is the 1st Visit one. WDW it is 1st visit to Disney World and in DL it's actually 1st visit to Disney's CA Adventure. They just haven't released the other oufits yet. WDW is supposed to get cars, woody, buzz, etc. We just have to be patient! Also, Epcot has the Duffy on a stick that you can get at each of the countries with a different Duffy stamp on it. It's sooo cute!


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          Re: WDW Duffy Goods

          Cool! Thank you so much!!
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            Re: WDW Duffy Goods

            I need to get my hands of a few of the US Duffy items. Eventually...TDS stuff is taking priority now. Still, I'd love to see those "glass house" balloons in action. Oh, and I do hope the rest of the costumes are released...and maybe some new ones after that...with more quality?
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