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Uni-BEAR-sity being brought over to U.S.?

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  • Uni-BEAR-sity being brought over to U.S.?

    From an article on Stitch Kingdom:
    . The entire current UniBEARsity products available in Japan can be viewed online at the Disney Store Japan website.
    they even have a link to DD website!
    interesting they are bringing them over!!! pretty excited though. Duffy must being do well then perhaps, if they have faith enough to bring over Mocha and Pudding

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    Re: Uni-BEAR-sity being brought over to U.S.?

    This is interesting. I wonder what that says about Duffy's total sales in the US, if they're even contemplating this? I wouldn't mind having access to the UniBEARsity stuff long as it's exactly the same stuff as the Japanese stores. I'm not a huge fan of the bears themselves...they kind of creep me out (just a personal thing), but the costumes are very cute.
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      Re: Uni-BEAR-sity being brought over to U.S.?

      It appears that Duffy sales in both DLR and WDW pretty much improved over the past few months. And i'm seeing more people with Duffys around and more people interested in meeting Duffy so that means people here are beginning to embrace him. That gives hope to bring other TDR products here.

      I looked at the products and no doubt that if they come here, they will be a huge hit.

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