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where can I find a shellie may bear

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  • where can I find a shellie may bear

    hi everybody, I'm a bit new here so I'm hoping I am doing this correctly. if not could somebody please tell me so I can correct it.

    anyways I am looking for a shellie may and some of her accessories and outfits, as well as a duffy bear and a few of his outfits (as I want both new at the same time) and was wondering if anybody knew any sellers or if anybody on here could and would be willing to buy them for me.

    thank you so much

    also I would be happy to do the same for the things that are in dca or disneyland in exchange.

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    Re: where can I find a shellie may bear

    As we said before, ShellieMay is only available at Tokyo DisneySea. If you live in Japan, Yahoo Auctions is your best bet. For the rest of the world, ebay; but beware of fakes made in Taiwan. If you do purchase a ShellieMay of your, check the label tags to see if its authentic and real.

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      Re: where can I find a shellie may bear

      I see you're in southern California according to your profile. The cheapest way to get a Shellie May is through DuffyPost here. There's a thread the top of this forum that explains how the process goes. Your only other bet would be ebay, but she can go for hundreds of dollars on there (and then shipping on top of that). With DuffyPost, you get her at cost, plus a small gratuity which goes to DuffyDaisuki for offering the shopping service and then shipping. When I got Shellie May last summer it cost me less than $100 total (approximately). Plus you can rest assured you'll be getting an authentic Shellie May hand-picked just for you (as mentioed, there are counterfeit bears made in Taiwan that sellers try to pass off as the real deal).

      You mentioned you're also looking for Duffy? You're aware he's available at Disneyland and DCA, right?


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