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How do you clean your Duffy or Shellie may?

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  • How do you clean your Duffy or Shellie may?

    Hi all,

    I recently brought back shellie may from tokyo (yay!) and realised in comparison to my duffy, she seems a lot softer/cuddlier. I'm sure duffy was like that to begin with but maybe with all the hugging and travelling he's done, his fur seems a bit matted and less fluffy.

    So was wondering how do you normally clean your bears? I usually just use a bit of liquid soap on a wet cloth and just mop him gently and let him dry. Perhaps that's not enough to clean him properly?

    Would love to hear suggestions :-)


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    Re: How do you clean your Duffy or Shellie may?

    I don't, generally. I prefer them to look old and "loved." Especially Duffy. If they start looking "too" matted, I brush them with a wire plush brush I got in the teddymaking department at a craft shop, but something like INOX's mohair brush may be even better, and more versatile. I have VERY occasionally (like once, in an in-park pinch) used the Build-A-Bear spray cleaning stuff. I found it to be mostly a waste.

    In the event that I need a "real" clean, I go with color-safe bleach, followed up with fabric softener. I've only done that once, though, for the whole body; more often for the face and muzzle. I would NEVER apply either to Duffy directly. I dilute them in water and dip a child-gentle toothbrush in the water, then use that to clean the fur. And then, of course, the brush.^^
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      Re: How do you clean your Duffy or Shellie may?

      It is so funny that you should bring this up. My kid was eating pizza with Duffy and got sauce on Duffy's head. Just a little bit so I wiped the sauce and then just used soap and hot water. It came off fine but there is a little smudge that I think only I notice.
      I was not to happy with the boy about getting Duffy full of pizza sauce :P


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        Re: How do you clean your Duffy or Shellie may?

        I have one of the Duffy Zip Bag and while at WDW he got ketchup on him. I used Shout Wipes(its all I had at the time) it worked well, the ketchup coloring is gone. I did clean it right away, so it wasnt a set in stain. It worked great and I would try it again if something like that happened.

        As for everyday dirt, I just let him be him and I dont clean him.
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          Re: How do you clean your Duffy or Shellie may?

          To fluff up Duffy's fur, I use a soft bristle pet brush I got at Publix. It works well and is gentle.

          For dirt, I use the Bear Stuff Cleaner from Build A Bear. You just spray it on, rub with a clean cloth, let air dry, then fluff with a brush. It works well as my Duffy's paws and muzzle get grubby from time to time.


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            Re: How do you clean your Duffy or Shellie may?

            Thanks for the suggestions. I didn't know build a bear has cleaner spray for bears. There isn't one near me but there is one in singapore so will see if they can ship overseas. There's no visible stains or anything like that on him, more that he fur seems less soft and more matted. I also must find myself a brush. That sounds like a good way to fluff him up again

            Thanks for the help!


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