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  • GUMBALL pin?

    Hi guys!

    I attended the Gumball 3 this year and saw a guy with 2 Disney Trading style pins on his backpack. It was for the 1st and 2nd Gumball.

    I just wanted to know if anyone knows if one will be released for this year? Or if it's a special buy from somewhere only pin?


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    Re: GUMBALL pin?

    If you are referring to this pin:

    It was only available to purchase just before the Gumball Rally 2 and was only available for a limited time. I think it was around $15 for the pin, and if I remember you had to attend the rally in order to buy the pin. (If there was one done for the 1st rally, I don't have that one since I didn't attend the first rally). I don't know if there are any still around, you would have to contact Dustysage.

    Now if you are talking about the buttons...

    Those are available at our Cafepress store. Linky here: (and in my sig)

    The MiceChat Store

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      Re: GUMBALL pin?

      Dude. That is what we need....a MiceChat pin!


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        Re: GUMBALL pin?

        That's the pin I saw, but I wasn't sure if there was a new one for this year (Year 3) for the Gumball Rally.

        I totally have the button, and just so would have LOVED to have a pin for this years Gumball to put in my memory box :]

        Thank you!


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