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Chip and Dale Disney Auction pins for trade or sale, Meet at DL

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  • Chip and Dale Disney Auction pins for trade or sale, Meet at DL

    As I said in a previous post, I am finally coming back to the park next week, Monday-Friday. A friend gave me some Chip and Dale pins that she bought several years ago from Disney Auctions. They are not one of my favorite characters, so I figured I would just trade them in the park. I wanted to see if anyone on here might be interested in them before I go trading them with a cast member.

    As you can see in the picture, they come with the card. Three have the poly bag that they originally came in with the information sticker on the outside of it. The back has the embossed gavel. They are LE 500 or 1000. They are in great shape (the fan club one shows a little wear on the back, but nothing to bad). I am not looking for anything exceptional for these, but would love to get something cool. I mainly collect Stitch and Haunted Mansion. I would love to get some of the HM pins that I missed out on last year. Also if anyone has an extra Piece of History pin (preferably HM, but might take another), I have never had a chance to get one of those and would love one. I would be willing to trade a couple of my pins for one of those.

    I leave early Monday morning, so any contact after Sunday night I will miss since I am not taking my computer with me. If you are interested and we set up a time to meet, I will give you my cell phone number so we can get together.

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    Re: Chip and Dale Disney Auction pins for trade or sale, Meet at DL

    I just wanted to bump this since I leave tomorrow morning. I would really love for these to go to a collector who will appreciate them and not just a cast lanyard. I haven't been to the park in 2 years, so as long as you have a cool Stitch or HM pin (preferably LE) I will probably trade. Heck, if you happen to have an extra of the WDI trash can pins, I would love to get my hands on one or two of those.

    Hint: if you search for my name (chiefyouth) on PinPics, you can see a small sampling of my collection. Maybe you have something that will fit in with it.


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