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Chaser question.

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  • Chaser question.

    Ive done searchs on Chaser but none really say how do you know you have one. I understand how each box has 2 sets and 1 chaser. But how do you know you've aqcuired one. Does it say it on the card inside? Vinylnation site doesn't show them. Or maybe I dont even know its one. Sorry im a newbie on collecting these addicting things. Also is it pretty easy to just go to D-street and say you want to buy a whole box. Or do they not sell by the box?
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    Re: Chaser question.

    The chaser is on the Disney vinylmation blog. Click the series you're looking for, and then click on the mystery figure and a picture of the chaser will pop up.

    Also, if you buy a set, and the one you have is not one of the ones on display, there's a good shot it's a chaser.
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      Re: Chaser question.

      Yeah if it isnt listed on the box you got a chaser! Currently we have 3 :0
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        Re: Chaser question.

        Yes, you can buy a complete box which they also refer to as "trays" (to avoid confusion with the individual boxes within the case.)


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