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Has anyone bought from Extinct Attractions?

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  • Has anyone bought from Extinct Attractions?

    I get emails from them all the time and wonder if anybody had bad experience with them? I called with a question and a guy on the phone was so rude and treated me very badly. I felt so confused by it because they seem to have good dvds for sale.

    I don't want to send money unless I know they are a reputable place. I must have signed up for their email and do not remember it. I didn't find any information about them on here. I knew that Disney fans would know if any one did.

    Thank you

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    Re: Has anyone bought from Extinct Attractions?

    My friend has bought a lot of DVDs from them. He let me borrow them and they're of decent quality but I personally have not dealt with them. I feel weary supporting something that isn't officially licensed by Disney.

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      Re: Has anyone bought from Extinct Attractions?

      I have many of their DVDs. I had some delivery problems a few years ago as in not receiving the product. They resent and I didn't receive. I changed my address to a P.O. box and they sent a third time. This time I got them.

      So - I'd say the service is pretty good. I later ordered some case art for older purchases and received all but one in my order. It was only a buck and after the previous experience - I didn't pursue. They have changed the mail order system since then.

      I ordered more DVDs after that. All good.
      I'd say go online and buy one. Give it a shot.


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        Re: Has anyone bought from Extinct Attractions?

        I have had a lot of bad dealings with their founder Dave, who has a very arrogant attitude and is not helpful at all. I have sent questions on his site about a cd or dvd and I usually get a one word answer, such as "Yes" or "No". This guy does not know the definition of what customer service is. He argues with me and was ready to start a fight with me, when I called him on his rudeness over the phone and yes, he will use excuses to justify his bad attitude. Also to the founder of Extinct attractions, learn to compile better cd's, about 90% of your cd's have the exact same tracks over and over again, primary example is your small world cd, too many repeats, not worth the money you charge for them. Now you are steering away from cd's and going with downloads and some dvd thing where you download to your computer , then burn the cd. You are not thinking of all your customers who might not have that ability, you got to think of everyone Dave. As for me, I do not think I will buy anymore items from you, just because of your inability to provide good and friendly customer service, due to your arrogant attitude.


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          Re: Has anyone bought from Extinct Attractions?


          All I can say is that I've had nothing but good experiences with them and Dave. I had a problem with one of the cases (the disc holder inside was broken, so the dvd was rolling around and had become badly scratched). I called him and he was kind and courteous and got right on sending me a new disc. A few days later, I had my new disc, with no problems with the case or dvd.

          EVERY time I've ever had to call for support/troubleshooting, I've only ever been met with courtesy and prompt, friendly responses and action. I've only been upset with one of the dvds, so far, and that's the Country Bears' disc. He tried to overlap the soundtrack with the Vacation Hoedown live audio, from one of the last performances, but did a terrible job of it, so the whole thing sounded terrible. The video on the disc of the original Country Bear Jamboree, however, was awesome- no flaws there.

          I love the stuff they put out, and will continue to buy from them, especially since their shipping system has the bugs worked out of it, and works really well.


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            Re: Has anyone bought from Extinct Attractions?

            When I talked to them on the phone they treated me so harshly that I will never buy from them. I don't think it was Dave who I spoke to. Thank you for your opinions.


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              Re: Has anyone bought from Extinct Attractions?

              Thanks for your opinon Dland lover, but he needs to treat EVERYONE in the same fashion, not one person kindly and then the next, with little care. His attitude and behavior needs to be uniform across the board with every customer he deals with. There was another guy I had dealt with , buying Disneyland cd's and he did an awesome job, he had so much to offer, as far as tracks went and these tracks were hard to find. I got a track that had the characters from the old telephone wall at the exit of the old America The Beautiful attraction. He had the entire music loop of the current Main Street music, but Extinct Attractions had some of these songs in the Main Street cd, which I do not think they sell anymore, if they do it is this dvd file. That is another thing, some people may not have cd burners, like me, nor want to invest in one, so why not keep selling cd's. He is steering away from that. Anyway, this guy I was dealing with had a ton of more stuff to offer me, but unfortunately he died a couple of years ago, so that avenue has come to an end. Frankly E.A. does not put out the best cd product either, constant repeated tracks and such. Oh well, what can you do.


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                Re: Has anyone bought from Extinct Attractions?

                Poor customer service, and a lot of their audio CD's have multiples of the exact same track (yes I know there are a lot that have minor differences, like hearing a chicken in the background of one but not the other). Tried to get a tracklist for the cd's, never got a response. They should at least send out a tracklist with the boatload of tracks on their compilations!
                Buy at your own risk.
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                  Re: Has anyone bought from Extinct Attractions?

                  Folks, this discussion began to veer off into the subject of where one could download such materials at no charge. I have removed references to such sites.

                  A reminder from our FAQ:
                  Pease remember that links to sites where files can be downloaded will be removed per our site policy. MiceChat for obvious legal reasons does not condone or allow the posting of sites that have the potential for illegal downloading or copyright infringement.
                  Since there have been a number of different opinions expressed in regards to the OP's question, we trust there is enough material for the OP to base their purchase decision on. This thread is closed to avoid further postings of sites which violate our FAQ.

                  Thanks for your understanding.
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