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Disney Dollar Trade??

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  • Disney Dollar Trade??

    Hello everyone! This is my first New Thread Post.....I haven't been able to find anything in any of the threads about anyone interested in Disney Dollar trading and I thought I'd throw this out there.....

    Does anyone have any extra Disney Dollars that you would be willing to trade? I'm not a huge fan of the ridiculous amount of money that Ebay is bringing in for some of the older Dollars, but I'd love to trade with others who might be collecting for the sheer fun of it.

    Here's to crossing my fingers!

    Suggestions always welcome on how you think this should work out to be fair to everyone.....


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    Re: Disney Dollar Trade??

    i agree ebay does get ridiculous on prices of disney dollars!


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      Re: Disney Dollar Trade??

      Oh well....I guess Ebay is only an assistant, not really the true problem.....I understand wanting to sell something for as much as you can get from it.....but it sort of takes all of the fun out of casual collecting. Most people can't afford to really get anything good.....I can't believe that people pay $100's of dollars for a Disney Dollar. That's craziness.....but then I guess normal currency collectors do it too. ??

      Thanks for responding...I was wondering if anyone was going to. By the way, I guess I should ask since the name of the thread is Disney Dollars to Trade, are you interested in trading DD's?
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