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DisneyQuest at Sea?

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  • [Idea] DisneyQuest at Sea?

    We all know that when Disney decides to be the ones to launch the next, biggest, most innovative ship ever, it will be full of things we could never imagine could ever be done. What if they put DisneyQuest, or at least some/a new version of DisneyQuest on a cruise ship? Would it even be structurally possible?

    This came to me when I was imagining how cool it would be if one of my favorite attractions; Toy Story Mania, was on a cruise ship! But I was thinking that it wouldn't be easily done because of the moving ride vehicles. But then it hit me: DisneyQuest!!!

    However, I know that since the Aquaduck has debuted on the Disney Dream, you can put anything on a ship. Why not DisneyQuest?

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    Re: DisneyQuest at Sea?

    Sounds possible to me. At least having DisneyQuest on the cruise ships would make more sense than having it night next to the parks where you can experience the real deal.


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      Re: DisneyQuest at Sea?

      Why not an entire Disney theme park?
      S.S. Disney at Disney and More


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