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X Factor for WDS.

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  • [Idea] X Factor for WDS.

    Don't you think WDS should get an attraction like the American Idol Experience from DHS but themed around the popular UK (and French) show The X Factor. I feel like this would be an easy and cheap attraction for them to build. All they need to do is erect a new theater or they can even put it in the Playhouse Disney/Stitch soundstage. They would not have to worry about paying for so many actors, it would be fun and interesting, and it would probably create some buzz. Even if it becomes outdated in 5 years, it should still get its money worth. They can play it every half hour alternating English and French. What do you think?

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    Re: X Factor for WDS.

    Personally I'd say no as I think that XF has become tired and stale and is not a patch on the original show all those years ago.

    However, I appreciate that it is still a popular show and, while I don't know just how popular the Idol experience has been, I'm sure it probably would be just as popular in WDS.

    Naturally I'd rather see them using other 'in-house' properties, but if it got a few more through the turnstiles then I'd begrudgingly say yes.

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      Re: X Factor for WDS.

      Philippe Gas doesn't want to create new shows because they are not as popular as regular rides in France, that's what he said.


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