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HELP! Need advice traveling to DLP from Poland

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  • [Question] HELP! Need advice traveling to DLP from Poland

    In late July I will be in Krakow, Poland and want to try to make the trip to Paris to visit Disneyland. I have never been overseas before and have no idea what I'm doing, but this trip is a great opportunity to be able to take advantage of visiting DLP. I'm not sure how I can get from Krakow to Paris and then have no idea about where I can stay or even how to work the park correctly for the best experience.

    Thanks in advance for your help
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    Re: HELP! Need advice traveling to DLP from Poland

    The train system in Europe is amazing. Take a train from Poland to Paris and then another train from Paris to DLP. The resort always has rooms available at on site hotels, as Disney built too many hotels. Try to spend at least2 nights at DLP.

    Day 1: Wake up early to take train to DLP (I recommend staying overnight in Paris the night before as it is beautiful) and then go to WDS for the rest of the day

    Day 2: Visit DLP

    Day 3: Go to either park, whichever you like more, in the morning and then take a train back to Paris in the afternoon (you can stay over in Paris again that evening).


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      Re: HELP! Need advice traveling to DLP from Poland

      Taking a train in Europe is not Amazing when you are in Poland. It's ok, but not great like in France or Germany.

      There are flights from Warsaw to Paris. I can't remember if they are on Delta, Air France or it may be Lot. Lot is a Polish airline.

      Buses are common to travel on in Eastern Europe so you may want to look into that.
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        Re: HELP! Need advice traveling to DLP from Poland

        I agree with Swampy, the train would be far too a long journey and there are no direct trains between Poland and France.

        Easyjet, a budget airline, fly from Kracow to CDG, and then from CDG there are direct trains to Marne la Valle which is he station you need for DLP. there are plenty of decent hotels in Val d'Europe which is less than five minutes away on the RER.


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