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  • Halloween

    Im seriously considering booking a trip to the Resort to take in the Halloween celebrations.Exactly what dates does it last for and is it worth the trip?
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    Halloween is OK, it's a bit cheesy but there is plenty of entertainment.

    I don't know the exact dates, but have a look at they have lots of information.

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      The Halloween celebration usually last for the entire month of October.

      I LOVED it very much !


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        I will second the LOVING IT notion. It was simply amazing and I'd recommend it to anyone. Go, if you can.


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              I cannot recommend DLP's Halloween celebration highly enough! If you like Halloween, you will LOVE what they do at the Park. Every other Halloween festivity I've seen pales in comparison, and I know I will have some wistful thoughts of Disneyland Paris every October for the rest of my life.


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                Originally posted by Pirate Wench
                Flying to Paris is so cheap right now too! I may have to plan a trip. When is the best time to go to Paris? Paris in April sounds so romantic...
                Anytime is a good time in Paris! I, personally, would avoid August, as that is when a lot of things in the City close down, plus, it's HOT! I've been in Early May and Late October and both were great. October was a bit chilly - but I like it that way. May was beautiful and magical - but I prefer Spring travel just about anywhere (except when there's an unexpected heat wave in Berlin).


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