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DCA Opening - The Video

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  • [Question] DCA Opening - The Video

    Does anybody remember the promotional video that aired on television to promote DCA? I vaguely remember a good portion of the video was filmed on the Pier, but I can't find the video anywhere. I believe that it was Eisner who took us around the park, and there was a sub-plot of some sort that involved Mickey and friends. Does anyone remember what I'm talking about, have any information on it, or even has the video somewhere?

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    Re: DCA Opening - The Video

    There was a TV special hosted by the guys from "Spin City" (playing themselves) and "Who's Line Is It Anyways?" (playing secruity guards). The Spin City guys went to DCA to meet the big cheese and end up touring the park with the secruity guards on their tails. Michael Eisner and Mickey Mouse finally show up at the end.

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      Re: DCA Opening - The Video

      I really want to see this now!!!


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