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rehabs - what and when??

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  • rehabs - what and when??

    I don't have very much time to read over this board - although i must say that I am thouroughly addicted :yea:

    But since I do not keep up on all the rehabs and what not, a lot of the things I have been reading have been confusing me - so I thought I would ask

    I know I am not alone on this one - but what exactaly is Rockit mountain - I am assuming that is just a night time running of space but I am just guessing on that..

    I read somewhere that Pirates is going down for a rehab... has that already happened I just missed it?

    I feel very much like a newbie as I post this - but oh well curriosity is getting the better me


    Working daily to infect my two little princesses with Disney obsession

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