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Scavenger Hunt in DL

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  • [Fun] Scavenger Hunt in DL

    Hello MiceChatters! Long time lurker, first time posterthread starter.

    Just this weekend, I held a scavenger hunt style game for my friends (they're getting married next year) at Disneyland. Obviously, they're not going to let you place random objects to find in the park for the hunters to find, so I adjusted the idea. Instead of finding a physical object, the goal would be to take a picture of things already in the park. Sometimes the clue would be obvious ("Take a picture of Mickey!"), other times it would be more obscure ("Take a picture of four CMs with the same name on their tag.").

    All the participants said they had fun, and would be interested in doing an "advanced version" (this one was geared specifically to include DL newbies; I needn't have worried. Turns out all of the scavengers are well on their way to "veteran" status). Have any of you done anything similar?

    BTW The bride's team won, due to time penalties assessed on the groom's side. Interestingly, if the groom's team had not split up at the end and checked in on time (the wait for HMH was longer than they anticipated!), they actually would have tied exactly. Which just goes to show that me including all those extra bonus points and half-points (specifically so that a tie would be incredibly unlikely) just ensures that a tie would occur...

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    Re: Scavenger Hunt in DL

    Sounds like a MA event.
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      Re: Scavenger Hunt in DL

      Sounds fun.


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