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Meal tickets - what's your take on them?

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  • [Question] Meal tickets - what's your take on them?

    So I have been searching the threads for info on the meal tickets, and don't see any posts about them.

    We have taken a lot of trips but we have never purchased the meal packages. Are they worth it? And with all the new places around the park, we are actually thinking of eating off-site more.

    Here's what we do - so perhaps someone can tell us if they think it would be more economical to buy the package.
    We usually stay concierge so we have the breakfast and don't buy one. If not, DH runs down to Jamba juice while the kids are showering and gets us breakfast.

    For lunch, we either grab something like pizza or a sandwich from whitewater snacks, or something similar at some place in the parks.

    for snacks - I pack protein bars and granola bars.

    For Dinner - we always have at least one dinner at the blue bayou, Story tellers, and the italian place in DCA that I can never remember the name of. If there is a birthday or something like that, we might go to Hook's Pointe.

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    Re: Meal tickets - what's your take on them?

    I don't think they're worth it at Disneyland - they just give monetary amount coupons - and they won't give you back change.

    If you have kids that you're worried that they'll spend their cash on toys instead of food, then maybe it's worth it. But, I didn't find any great deal with them.
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      Re: Meal tickets - what's your take on them?

      Before we had our Premium APs, we would get them for our trips so that most of our food was pre-paid. There really is no discounts with buying them. The character meal ones had tip and tax already paid for, which was nice as well. You will also not get change back for them, so you may have to use a little cash so that you are not giving more than you need to pay for. Example, if the meal is $37, use $35 in vouchers and $2 in cash.


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        Re: Meal tickets - what's your take on them?

        This just seems a lot more appropriate to WDW. I guess we'll see how this works out, but I don't think I'd bother.
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          Re: Meal tickets - what's your take on them?

          Thanks to you both for your reply. You confirmed what I was thinking already.

          However, if you have a chance to see how they work at WDW world, I'm sure lots of people would love to know if you think it was worth it.


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