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  • [Question] Early Morning Entry

    I'm planning on going to Disney Thursday June the 18th 2009 on my honeymoon. This, however, is an early entry day.
    Will all the major rides / attractions in Fantasyland be packed due to the early entry day when the gates finally open for the normal ticket people?

    Someone also told me some other rides are open during early entry such as Such as Space Mountain. Is my day at Disney screwed because of these early morning people?
    Hoping to raise enough money to go to DL from Pennsylvania with my wife for our 5 year anniversary. (We went there on our honeymoon!)

    If you would like to contribute to the cause for a relatively poor private school teacher. Please private message me. I'd be very thankful.

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    Re: Early Morning Entry

    No way

    Early Entry doesn't have that many people there. When we get there the lines are proably five minutes longer than usual.

    Plus it is not going to destroy your whole day the people there for early morning hours would be there at opening so it wouldn't matter.

    For info all fantasyland and Tommorowland are open for early hours.
    Just go straight to the other lands first.

    Have a fun day.
    "To All Who Come To This Happy Place Welcome" - Walt Disney


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      Re: Early Morning Entry

      Nope, I use early entry days every time I go and it never ruins my day. Space Mountain IS open early entry, as well as FNSV and BLAB. Most of the Fantasyland rides are open too. That actually makes it easier. If you like those rides, do them in the early entry morning, so that you won't be too bombarded by little kids and there parents.


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        Re: Early Morning Entry

        I think it depends on how busy it is. When we went the lines to get in for magical mornings was past the monorail tracks. It didn't take long before peter pan was up to it's normal wait. snow white and Pinocchio were the normal walk ons. We were first in lien for alice, but that line filled up quick. Dumbo was maybe 5 toad didn't look to long and the circus train as not running.

        We should have went in to tomorrowland. We didn't realize anything would be open besides the subs.


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          Re: Early Morning Entry

          We had Early Morning entry a few days ago. Our plan was to go to Nemo first...which meant being directed around the Matterhorn and were the first ones in line for Nemo. The CM said it would be "just a few minutes for the ride to open" but we waited almost an hour. The CM told us Nemo usually has technical problems during Early Morning...which could be a way of doing crowd control in Fantasyland? Dumbo and Peter Pan seem to always have the long lines. After missing out on other early morning attractions because of the long Nemo wait we visited City Hall to explain the frustration. We received some fast passes for other attractions. Disneyland did not have to do this but it was sure nice. So, Early Morning Entry is highly recommended and it is fun. During the busy times in the early afternoon enjoy shopping at DD, relax at the hotel then return back to enjoy the evening activities.


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            Re: Early Morning Entry

            It's a Thursday in January, nothing will be packed at any point during the day.


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