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Where's Wall-e?

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  • [Question] Where's Wall-e?

    Wasn't Wall-e supposed to be at DCA during summer? I never saw him and I've seen no photos! Was anyone out there able to snap a photo?

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    Re: Where's Wall-e?

    Oh yeah...whatever happened with that?


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      Re: Where's Wall-e?

      I dont know, and also, where has Push been? I saw him at DCA, and once at WDW Magic Kingdom, but never at DL...

      I love Push! Previous conversation. (I was wearing ears with my name on them)
      P=Push : Hi Laura (My first name) How are you?
      Me: How'd you know my name?
      P: It was on the back of your head. I keep my name on the back of my hat too! *turns around* See? my names Push.

      I was hoping wall*e would be that charming.
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        Re: Where's Wall-e?

        PUSH was moved from DL to DCA. I saw him on Sunday evening.


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          Re: Where's Wall-e?

          yeah i see Push all the time...he's always right near the bathrooms between the Golden Dreams theatre and the Grizzly River Run area...I guess it's the "San Francisco" area??


          but where is Wall-E???

          I was so looking forward to seeing him...
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            Re: Where's Wall-e?

            Wall-E is Wall-Not-Working-Right


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              Re: Where's Wall-e?

              They had/have a cutout of Wall-e in the Hollywood backlot.

              Wonder if they are going to start doing that with other characters, too?!?!? :thumbdown
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                Re: Where's Wall-e?

                OOOOOH YEEEAAAAHH!!!

                dang...I was totally looking forward to that...what happened?


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                  Re: Where's Wall-e?

                  Supposedly he's out on a world tour and will be back later, and no, I'm not joking.
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                    Re: Where's Wall-e?

                    I read he was scheduled to appear in DCA for the summer, but like Bob said, he's been booked for TV interviews, science expositions, technology conventions, etc. Be it true or not, I'm not sure.

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                      Re: Where's Wall-e?

                      I was hoping WALL-E would be in the park too! Especially after I saw this video:
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