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Haunted Mansion facade shots?

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  • Haunted Mansion facade shots?

    I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about the Haunted Mansion from me, but I have a request. Does anyone have any good pictures (or bad ones) of the Haunted Mansion facade from unusual angles? These could be actual backstage shots, or simply onstage shots that capture a different view of the facade.

    I'm particularly interested in all the stuff along the Splash Mountain side and around the back, where the facade connects to the show building. I know that the well-placed trees and foliage make it difficult to view the facade from certain angles. But I'd very much like to see some pictures of the facade that don't involve the standard shots along the main queue. Perhaps shots from the pet graveyard area, or from ride evacuations. Does the HM even have real evacs?

    If any of you AP holders are in the park over the next few days and the opportunity happens to come up, I'd greatly appreciate any interesting photos you can get. But only if it works out.

    I'd take the pictures myself, but I live several hundred miles away and naturally don't have an AP; neither am I a CM, which puts backstage and closed-off areas off-limits. With no plans to visit Disneyland in the next few months, I wonder if any of you could help me out. Thank you very much in advance!

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    Re: Haunted Mansion facade shots?

    I found something interesting that sort of answered a few of my questions. This Haunted Mansion play set conveys the general shape of the backside of the mansion...or at least, how it would be if there was no show building back there.

    I also found an old black-and-white aerial photo of the facade on this page. Looks like the show building wasn't in place yet, so it must have been the mid-60s. All the trees and shrubbery are very young, too.

    I'd still very much like to see your pics...
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      Re: Haunted Mansion facade shots?

      Come on...over 100 views and no replies...I'm sure at least one person reading this has at least one unusual shot, or has seen one somewhere. Please?

      On a side note--does anyone here have a Deluxe account (or higher) on I'm thinking about buying an account, and I'm curious how you guys feel about that site.


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