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What's Wrong with the Mattercam?

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  • [Question] What's Wrong with the Mattercam?

    I sit just my computer, or is the Mattercam just not working.
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    Re: What's Wrong with the Mattercam?

    It's not working for me either. It goes down a lot. Could be due to too many people trying to load it.


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      Re: What's Wrong with the Mattercam?

      It exploded from 8000 MiceChatters all trying to use it at the same time to watch the construction on Screamin'.

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        Re: What's Wrong with the Mattercam?

        No, it is not only your computer, it is a conspiracy!

        But, seriously, the MatterCam does often fail to please... I really wanted to see work tonight!!!!! :lol:



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