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  • [Question] AP upgrade question

    My wife and I have Deluxe APs that expire in October. We want to head down to the park next weekend for the AP Appreciation Week in DTD. However we are blocked out for Saturday the 18th. I was thinking about purchasing the blockout ticket, or just upgrading to Premiums for the both of us, but I realize that it will cost an additional $240 ($120 each) to upgrade.

    I have never used the DLR parking structues as I always stay at a hotel with parking and walk, or just stay on property. We don't have plans to come back until October, which seems to be the end of blackout season.

    My main question is this. If I upgrade to the PAP, do I get a new renewal date or does my pass still expire in October since that is when I first purchased this AP. If I get a new renewal than I am going to upgrade. If not, then I figure I might as well just keep the Deluxe as this is the only time I have had to worry about blackout dates.

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    Re: AP upgrade question

    Your Expiration date will remain the same, regardless of when you upgrade.
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      Re: AP upgrade question

      Can't you only renew 30 days prior to the expiration date?
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        Re: AP upgrade question

        You can only renew 30 days prior, but you can upgrade existing passes at anytime.

        But since if you upgrade your passes will still expire in October, unless you plan on using the passes again between now and October, it would probably be just as well if you only got the blockout passes, money wise.

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