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Wait Times on Saturday

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  • Wait Times on Saturday

    How are they? Is Space Mountain still as bad as it was this summer, how about the rest of the rides?
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    Re: Wait Times on Satrday

    If its anything like last weekend with 3 corporate parties that invaded the park dont expect to do much. Space fastpass' ran out early, like before noonish, and the wait time I saw was 90 minutes! The Pirates line went through the cues on the side. Just not a good day.

    With any luck tomorrow will be nice though.


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      Re: Wait Times on Satrday

      Turned out to not be too bad. Less busy than last saturday.


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        Re: Wait Times on Satrday

        I got to the park at about 8:00 pm Saturday night and my son and I headed straight to Space Mountain. Wait time posted was 80 minutes when we got in line 8:15 pm. We were off the ride at 9:00 pm. Wait times can be deceiving!


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          Re: Wait Times on Satrday

          Is THAT why it was so busy Saturday?

          Even so, we waited about an hour for Space (would have been shorter but for the 101)

          Unusually and exceedingly peculiar and altogether quite impossible to describe...


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            Re: Wait Times on Satrday

            Saturday just got busier and busier. It was crazy!!!
            Good morning, son
            In twenty years from now
            Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
            And I can tell you 'bout today
            And how I picked you up and everything changed
            It was pain
            Sunny days and rain
            I knew you'd feel the same things...



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              Re: Wait Times on Satrday

              I'm glad that we don't do saturdays!!! (even though we have the Premium AP)

              See you all next SUNDAY (and mon, tues, wed and thurs)...


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                Re: Wait Times on Satrday

                Okay forecasters: How will this saturday be???:beg:
                I have a dream
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                To help me cope
                Trough everything

                If you see the wonder
                of a FairyTale
                You can take the future
                even if you fail...

                I believe in Angels
                Something good in everything I see
                I believe in Angels
                When I know the time is right for me...

                I'll cross the stream.... I have a dream


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