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Black and White shots from 5/1

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  • [Pictures] Black and White shots from 5/1

    Set my Panasonic LX3 on black and white last night, and came up with these. (Well, after some post-processing I came up with these.) The camera has a lovely, fast, wide-angle lens that should be great for night shooting, but the sensor is really noisy. You don't see it as much in these small images, but at full size it looks like I was shooting with old Tri-X film or something.

    Bon appetit. If you want more, there are more on my Flickr page. Search for Disneyland in the top corner and you'll get all these and more.

    Thanks for looking!

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    Re: Black and White shots from 5/1

    aAwesome shots! love the b&w.


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      Re: Black and White shots from 5/1

      Way too dark - although it works for the Space Mountain and Haunted Mansion.

      The levels can be adjusted. Try moving your midpoint down into the heavy black area. That will free up some of the lost gray tones. Invest in a good noise filter to remove the old Tri-X look.

      But then - it is all a matter of personal preference. You can ignore me.


      I am Sambo, and I endorse this signature.


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        Re: Black and White shots from 5/1

        Those are Fantastic! Especially the Haunted Mansion and the Mark Twain! Great Work!


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          Re: Black and White shots from 5/1

          Originally posted by Sambo View Post
          Way too dark
          Part of that is due to down-sampling losses. There is detail in the bottom-right corner of the Space image, for instance, where it looks totally black here. (Need to get a new resizing plug-in that works with this camera.)

          Noise is the primary issue with lightening them. I'm looking into noise-reduction software now. I never needed it before because I shot with a DSLR that was fine up to ISO 400 and only got noisy at 800 and above. The Panasonic is terrible by comparison (but it does have other, lovely strengths!).

          Nik and Noise Ninja have been recommended and I have plug-ins from Fred Miranda so I'm going to look at his, too. Any other suggestions?

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