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Countdown to Summer Nightastic!!!

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  • [Fun] Countdown to Summer Nightastic!!!

    Hey everyone!

    It's June 1st! That means there only 11 days untill Summer Nighttastic! In This week's MousPlanet DL Update, there is not good news for poeple who don't have a ticket for the 6-11 Fantasmic! Also in this update, there are some "Magical" reasons to go to DL and/or be infront of the mattercam these next two weeks!

    Fantasmic! and "Magical" premiere correction

    In the May 18 Disneyland Resort Update, we shared an opportunity to catch the first public performance of the new "Magical" fireworks show and a sneak preview of the enhanced Fantasmic! show on Thursday, June 11, one night before the Summer Nightastic promotion officially begins on June 12. Many MousePlanet readers snapped up tickets to the Premium Viewing opportunity for the 9:15 Fantasmic! performance, but many more planned to just watch the show from the usual viewing area. Unfortunately, there's been a change in plans.
    A spokesperson for the Disneyland Resort told MousePlanet that the Premium Viewing reservationist we spoke with was mistaken. The June 11 performance of Fantasmic! is not open to the general public, as it is an after-hours, media-only preview, and Premium Viewing should not have been available that night at all. Those lucky guests who purchased Premium Viewing tickets to the now sold out June 11 Fantasmic! will be allowed to stay for the 9:15 p.m. performance, but all other guests will be escorted out of the area when Disneyland closes at 9:00 p.m. Those with Premium Viewing tickets will be escorted out of Disneyland as soon as Fantasmic! is over, and will not be allowed to stay in the park for Grad Nite as some had hoped.
    One small consolation for those who planned to visit on June 11: first public performance of the new fireworks show "Magical" will still be presented at 8:45 p.m., and park guests will be able to see that show before Disneyland Park closes at 9:00 for Grad Nite. Dress rehearsals of "Magical" will also take place at 9:15 p.m. on June 3, 5, 6 & 8, offering another opportunity to see the show before the summer crowds arrive.

    Anyone heard the same or different information about Fantasmic! on

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    Re: Countdown to Summer Nightastic!!!

    More Good news! the new Summer Nightastic Website is up!

    Summer Nightastic! | Disneyland Resort


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      Re: Countdown to Summer Nightastic!!!

      nice share!...thanks!...
      my heart is yours


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        Re: Countdown to Summer Nightastic!!!

        Wow nice share of the link to the nightastic site, they have the CGI dragon commercial they mentioned on it Looks awesome!
        Everybody's got a laughin' place-
        trouble is most folks won't take the time to go look for it.


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          Re: Countdown to Summer Nightastic!!!

          Let's just cross our fingers and hope that the real dragon resembles that somewhat. Looks Great!


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