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Disneyland's " America on Parade " original artwork and models

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  • [Pictures] Disneyland's " America on Parade " original artwork and models

    Today is July 4th, United States Independence Day, and to celebrate this memorable day this article is all about the 1975 Disneyland's and Magic Kingdom's "America on Parade", with rare artwork and pictures of the parade models, thanks to Richard Terpstra, Disney and more reader, who sent to me the artwork and model pictures you will see in the Disney and more article. A big hat tip to Richard for his precious help in the making of this article!

    America on Parade was a temporary replacement for Disneyland's and WDW Magic Kingdom's Main Street Electrical Parade during the United States Bicentennial. Like the Main Street Electrical Parade, America on Parade was also created under the direction of Disneyland's Director of Entertainment, Bob Yani. The first run was in the summer of 1975 and was originally designed to run through 1977, to commemorate the United States Bicentennial. Where the Main Street Electrical Parade ran nightly, America on Parade ran once during the afternoon and again just prior to the nightly fireworks display. It traveled the full length of Disneyland from "it's a small world" to Town Square at the beginning of Main Street, U.S.A.

    Read the full article and discover the 42 pictures of this rare original artwork and parade models in the D&M article HERE:
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    Re: Disneyland's " America on Parade " original artwork and models

    Quite an amazing article.


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