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Murphy video contest

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  • [Fun] Murphy video contest

    ok so everyone this is a contest to seee who took the best video of murphy post it here and then after september 4 ill start a poll thread and we will see who took the best video!

    [ame=""]YouTube - Murphy the Fantasmic Dragon's debut night 9/1/09[/ame]
    So after 2 full days in a row of walking around disneyland and a four hour practice, I finally understand why my doctor told me to take it easy on my knee I still cant wait to do it again


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    Re: Murphy video contest

    If I go after the murphy debut, like, tonight, and post my video, will I still be able to enter or does the video have to be from yesterday?


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      Re: Murphy video contest

      While we appreciate the spirit in which this thead was started, we just can't bear the thought of a poll that might leave some intrepid MiceChatters feeling a little sad if they were not among the top-rated in such a poll. Especially after they sat or stood for hours, and then rushed home to post their work.

      Since every photo has already been posted, and new ones are likely to be added every day for a while, let's not duplicate them here, but enjoy viewing them in the Fantasmic Dragon Photos, Videos, and Reviews thread:

      Thanks to all our of you who worked so hard to catch a photo or video of the reluctant dragon to share with us. And thanks to all who cheered them on.

      Thanks for your understanding.

      Thread closed.
      Thank you for helping to make MiceChat a safe and fun place for everyone!


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