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Segway tour at DCA

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  • Segway tour at DCA

    I was sent a small piece of an article announcing that they will be starting Segway tours at DCA on November 7th. I haven't been able to find any furthe rinformation on it though, so I was wondering if you guys had heard/seen anything?
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    Re: Segway tour at DCA

    I read that it will start up sometime later. That it will be small groups who will spend an hour learning how to control/ride the Segway. Then the tour will cover all of DCA using the larger, wider walkways. The actual tour will be 2 or 3 hours long. It must be booked in advance, but you can't book now because they don't have a official start date. No price had been announced when I saw the article a couple of days ago. I can't remember where I saw it though.
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      Re: Segway tour at DCA

      I wonder how they will handle ADA issues ...... I would imagine there are a number of conditions that would make operating a Segway very difficult if not impossible.
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        Re: Segway tour at DCA

        Probably, but if CrazyLegs is anything to go by, I'm sure an electric wheelchair would have no issues keeping up with a Segway (Heck, you practically have to run to keep up with CL!)

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          Re: Segway tour at DCA

          WOW! This is great news! I wanted so badly to do this at EPCOT this past July with my family, but my son didn't meet the 16 YO age requirement. If we all couldn't go, none of us was going to go!

          FYI. At EPCOT the cost is about $80 per person. Must be 16 or older (not sure how they prove it?) and maximum weight is 250 lbs.(quite sure how they prove that!) The tour is 3 hours with the first hour learning to use the Segway. I'm assuming it will be about the same at DCA.

          Kind of a new and different "ride export" idea on Disney's part!


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            Re: Segway tour at DCA

            I would think it would be difficult to control a large group of people on Segways, when having to weave back and forth in between the regular DCA customers clogging up the walkways.

            Oh, wait...)


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              Re: Segway tour at DCA

              At EPCOT, the tour was before the park opened and was in FutureWorld which typically doesn't open until 2 hours after World Showcase opens. So, essentially, your touring an empty park. If memory serves me right, the tour is limited to about 8-10 people.

              This may be the case for DCA as well.


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                Re: Segway tour at DCA

                I'm sure it will be the case with DCA as well, seeing as how the park doesn't open until 10am anyway.

                This could be fun, but I don't think I would pay the $80 they charge at Epcot.


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                  Re: Segway tour at DCA

                  Has anyone seen or been on this tour? I want to do it! I did the one at EPCOT and it was sooo fun, now I want to do it here. Any new info?


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                    Re: Segway tour at DCA

                    It may be a new one of the few reasons to visit DCA if it is not too expensive.


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                      Re: Segway tour at DCA

                      It would have to be before the park opened! could you imagine having your toes run over by one of those things? and you thought the strollers were bad!
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                        Re: Segway tour at DCA

                        Having been on a 4.5 hour tour of Paris on a Segway, I can't say I'm going to be jumping for this. Not that I don't relish more time on a Segway...but somehow I don't think a DCA tour will live up to it.

                        An hour of training?! Dude, we had 30 minutes, and that was enough to handle the sidewalks and streets of Paris at night. An hour is a BIT overkill for dealing with the smoothly paved, pre-opening giant walkways of DCA. Lame.

                        I just can't figure out what the hell they'll talk about on a tour of DCA. The amazing history? Uh, no. "This ride is this long and goes this fast. This ride is this long and goes this fast. This ride is this tall and goes this fast." Yawn.


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