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Local Humor Article References Disneyland ("This isn't like Disneyland")

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  • [Fun] Local Humor Article References Disneyland ("This isn't like Disneyland")

    This is a humor article that runs in the same local paper as my movie reviews. It's a "life with the wife and kids" type thing. I thought you guys would get a kick out of this week's article, as it's about how they go on vacation and the kids compare everything to Disneyland .


    Originally posted by excerpt from article
    The family wanted to go to Disneyland, but the economy said otherwise—to get the four of us into the park was going to cost 600 big ones. So, instead of Disneyland, we decided to hit the other SoCal theme parks that dwell in the shadow of the mighty mouse ears. Our first stop on our motorhome vacation landed us at Legoland, the theme park based on the popular building blocks. At Legoland, my children spent most of the day reminding me “this isn’t like Disneyland."
    Originally posted by excerpt from article
    "I know, Honey, but look, they made a huge version of the Golden Gate Bridge out of Legos. Isn’t that cool?” "Yeah, but I’d rather go on Space Mountain.”
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    Re: Local Humor Article References Disneyland ("This isn't like Disneyland&quot

    so true! having done all of the things they discribe I would say just go for Disneyland the other parks are not that much cheaper for what your getting!
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