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October or December 2010?

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  • [Question] October or December 2010?

    I'm planning a long weekend trip to Disneyland - 4 nights, Sat-Tues nights, staying DVC at GCH. I currently have Oct 16-20 booked. I'm considering moving to December but wonder how the crowds would compare.
    Dec 4-8 - would the candlelight processional make it more crowded? I think I just read something about cast member parties that Mon-Tues - would that result in much shorter hours?

    Dec 11-15 - would this be much more crowded with the annual passholders trying to attend?

    Dec 18-22 - I'm thinking it will start getting pretty crowded because the kids will be out of school

    So how will these three dates compare to Oct 16-20?

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    Re: October or December 2010?

    Candlelight might be busy, but the first two weeks (weekdays) in December are empty. I'd recommend then. I prefer Christmas at Disneyland over Halloween.
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      Re: October or December 2010?

      Christmas at Disneyland is better but the crowds are heavier. But do what you feel is going to make your trip magical. I know my friends and I will go during Christmas even when we are not scheduled to work that day at the parks and we still have a magical time and overlook the crowds. Weird I know lol but we enjoy the time we have together and the memories we make.


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        Re: October or December 2010?

        To me, it almost doesn't feel like Christmas time without a trip to Disneyland.
        And as much as I love Halloweentime, I could live without it and still feel like it's October.
        But if you're going purely for crowds sake, you're going to be much better off in October.


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          Re: October or December 2010?

          Go in December.

          If you've never seen DL at Christmas time, you haven't seen it at it's best!

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            Re: October or December 2010?

            We went the 13th - 18th of December this past year, it was awesome! I've never been during Oct and hopefully we will in 2011, but I'd recommend Christmas time if you've never been. It was pretty mellow during the day, the crowds picked up in the afternoon/evenings, but really not that bad! The castle alone is worth going to see at Christmas!!


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              Re: October or December 2010?

              Crowd wise Oct. 16-20 and December 11-15 probably won't be very different. The last couple of years October had been a very busy month for Disneyland since they have started doing more Halloween decorating and doing the Mickey's Trick or Treat in DCA. The week of December 18-22 WILL be heavy for crowds.

              December the weather will be cooler and you have more of a chance of rain. But October is beautiful in So Cal. I love the Halloween decor, but I also love the Christmas decorations that the park does. So since those two time frames will be pretty much equal crowd wise, I'd pick which ever holiday you think you will enjoy more.

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                Re: October or December 2010?

                Do like we do, do both!!! :yea:

                Our favorite times at the Resort are Halloween and Christmas!

                For October, we go during the first week of our kids fall break (usually the first or second week of October). During the week, it is not bad at all.

                The best week to go for the full Christmas effect is the week after the Thanksgiving weekend. Everything is up for Christmas, but no crowds. More folks do know about it now, but it is still not bad at all. Especially tues thru thurs. You'll own the place!


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                  Re: October or December 2010?

                  If you have never done either Christmas or Halloween at DL, I would suggest Christmas first. And if you have done either of those holidays before, then it's time to do the other one.
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                    Re: October or December 2010?

                    Usually the first and second week of December isn't that bad due to cold or raining weather.
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                      Re: October or December 2010?

                      I don't know about October, but when I went there in dec. 2008, I was there the 8th to the 12th and It wasn't extremely crowded, the most crowded ride was Indy, last ride and took a half-hour to get to the jeep (then I found out there was a single riders line T_T)
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                        Re: October or December 2010?

                        Thank you for the replies.

                        I've been to WDW a number of times, including in early Dec. But I have not been to DL since I was a teen many years ago. We did enjoy the Christmas decorations and activities at WDW.

                        Are there issues with DL closing the parks significantly early the first week of Dec for cast parties?

                        I think I am going to try for either of the first two weekends in Dec and if I can get the studio, switch. Otherwise I am happy staying with October.


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