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Another Last Minute Travel Question

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  • [Question] Another Last Minute Travel Question

    Thanks to this wonderful forum I found LMT. I have read all of your reviews and would like to order through them.

    However I am concerned that their 5 day hopper is the same price after October as it is for the "buy a 3 day hopper, get two extra days free" special time. Their site does not offer it as a special, just as a 5 day hopper for a certain price.

    I would LOVE to buy the 5 day hopper from them for use in Oct. but am a little hesitant. Do you think I have cause for concern? Or should I just trust they will honor the price they are offering?

    As it is we are planning our trip to hit the parks by Sept. 30th to take advantage of the special, but would love to push our trip back a little if possible.


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    Re: Another Last Minute Travel Question

    There is always an expiration date associated with tickets, and when you purchase it they should tell you the use by date, if that date is before your trip, then the tickets will already be expired by the time of the trip. If they do not volunteer the info (which they should) then ASK.

    The days of no expiration date on a Disneyland ticket are long gone, however they do honor tickets purchased prior to the expiration date coming into existance (which is decades ago) even the tickets that were just entrance tickets (not intending to include any rides) where you had to buy the ticket books or individual ride tickets to go on the A-E Ticket rides. Of course if anyone has any of those entrance tickets unused, they would be worth a lot more than the cost of a day's entrance to Disneyland.


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      Re: Another Last Minute Travel Question

      Thanks! I will definately ask before purchasing. I waited for them on "live chat" for over an hour with no one responding. I guess I will give them a call.


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