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Tour cancellation question?

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  • Tour cancellation question?

    I am planning on doing the 50th tour this December. I am hoping on getting one of the later showings with the fireworks seating or even the parade. My concern though is what if, due to weather, the fireworks or parade are cancelled or for that matter the tour. Do you get a refund, partial refund, voucher for a free soda or something? Has anybod had any experience with this?

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    Re: Tour cancellation question?

    Im sure you get the money back. Guest relations is VERY good about things like that.

    the best thing is to call and ask them. I would think if they didnt, and you complained, they would either re-fund it or give you comp tickets.
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      Re: Tour cancellation question?

      Yeah, the response I got was "it nevers rains in Southern California"

      I was told that the ride portion of the tour would countinue and it depends on the amount of rain or weather conditions. Nothing about a refund though. I am confident DLR will make things right.


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        Re: Tour cancellation question?

        Originally posted by Gothemi
        Yeah, the response I got was "it nevers rains in Southern California"
        If you remember who Albert Hammond is and his #5 on the billboard chart song from 1972, the lyrics really say it all.

        "Got on a board a west bound seven forty seven
        Didn't think before deciding what to do
        All that talk of opportunities, TV breaks and movies
        Rang true, sure rang true.
        Seems it never rain in Southern California
        Seems I've often heard that kind of talk before
        It never rains in California
        But girl, don't they warn ya
        It pours man it pours."

        O.K. I really don't know how it ties to Disney but I was just looking for something to post.




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          Re: Tour cancellation question?

          Wow, I think that just sums it up. Tahoebob going back to 72 for that quote.

          Thanks for the post...


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            Re: Tour cancellation question?

            in the event or rain, you will be given the option to reschedule OR to continue with the tour. Yes, the guides DO give tours in the rain!
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              Re: Tour cancellation question?

              I'm not sure that you would get a refund if tour goes forward and the only element missing is the show at the end. They may make arrangements for you to use reserved seating on another night.

              I took the Holiday tour one New Years Eve (it was crowded, why stand in lines). The big perk of the tour was a reserved viewing area for the Christmas Parade. When we got to our "reserved spot" it had been taken over by Dick Clark and his rockin' New Years people. Our tour guide was frustrated and confused about what to do. All of the parade route was full by that time, so we ended up having to stand at the back of the crowds.(not exactly what anyone expected.)

              After much grumbling from the tour group, our guide made peace by issuing to each one of us an unlimited ride access pass that was good for exit boarding at whatever attractions we wanted to visit the rest of the night.
              "Who inspects these rides anyway, Dopey and Goofy?"


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                Re: Tour cancellation question?

                A tour in the rain might be interesting. I just hope it doesn't rain period. Thanks for the info.


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                  Re: Tour cancellation question?

                  I would guess that if the parade or fireworks are cancelled they would continue on with the tour with an additional attraction like they do for the earlier ones. Makes sense to me at least.


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