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Some good Disneyland Documentaries?

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  • [Question] Some good Disneyland Documentaries?

    I've been looking for some good Disneyland documentaries to watch, but most of the ones I've seen look more like Trip Planning Packages. Just giving you the names of lands, their themes, and their attractions.

    What I've been desperately looking for is an in-depth Disneyland documentary, detailing little things that even some people on here might not know.

    Even if it's a documentary centered more around Walt Disney while he was building Disneyland or anything like that, I'll still watch it :P
    On a side note, if anyone wants a good bio for Walt Disney read "The Man Behind the Magic" I just finished reading it and man is it amazing, it really gives you an insight of Mr. Disney and you come to discover just how he made his money; sacrifice. Truly impressive.

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    Re: Some good Disneyland Documentaries?

    there's a great documentary out there called, "Walt: the man behind the myth"
    I have a lot on VHS that I recorded from the Disney Channel/Discovery Channel ages ago about "behind the scenes at disneyland" and what not; most of those can be found on Youtube...
    I hope this helps, if youre lookin to buy a DVD, go on Amazon and sift thru the promotional/commercial videos, im sure somethin will pop up.


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      Re: Some good Disneyland Documentaries?

      The Disneyland Story is pretty good. It's on DisneyParkVideo's youtube page. If you have Netflix they have a few Disney Parks documentaries on Instant queue.


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        Re: Some good Disneyland Documentaries?

        LOL DLR_addict you beat me to it. this was one of my favorite ones!! LOL its from 1990 with the Night Court Dude, but still very very cool


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