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Would it be diffult to pursue a job at Disneyland?

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  • [Question] Would it be diffult to pursue a job at Disneyland?

    Disneyland was my second job, as a teenager and I loved it. I lasted over a year working a busboy/dish-washer and quit before my "points" gave reason for my termination. Well, after resigning, I went on to work at a Target store which I hated, so I went ahead and re-applied at Disneyland. I didn't get the job as my interviewer told me I seemed as I had a bad attitude. It's not as if I was rude, but I was desperate as I had been waiting over an hour after my scheduled interview, already being there an hour early, and I had to be interviewed in a group, which I dread. That was a couple of years ago. Since then I haven't re-applied due to the "economic crisis" and the waiting lists I've heard oh so much about. I am now working in fast-food again and one night a cast member stopped in, he let me know Disneyland has been hiring and will take back old cast members as he had seen a guy around who had once been terminated.

    My question is: Could anybody tell me of a job they just got at the resort? And if so, where you placed on a waiting list? And if so, for how long?


    Edit: Hey guys, just noticed the break room forum. Sorry!
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