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The Haunted Mansion: The I Do! Experience

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  • [Idea] The Haunted Mansion: The I Do! Experience

    Hi, I’m Sam, I’m from Holland and new to the MiceChat Forums. I'm 17 years old and I love the Disneyland parks, although I've never set a foot in one of them. Disney has been in my life eversince I was a small boy in Holland. I litierally grew up watching the Dsney movies and inspired me to live up to my dream (becoming a Imagineer). I love gaming and theme parks, I also like to draw (fantasylandscapes etc.), reading good books and listening to music.

    I also love to do some armchair-Imagineering. This is my first idea of the (hopefully) many to come and I sicerely hope that you enjoy them. Like I said, I've never been to a Disney-park before, so I only know Disneyland from many videos, photos and websites.

    Now I present to you: The Haunted Mansion: The 'I Do!' Experience

    I wanted to make a very special edition of the Haunted mansion, with an original story. That resulted in The Haunted Mansion: I Do! The story is written by me. The story at this attraction is pretty much a sequel to the Constance myth at the Anaheim and Florida parks.
    The story is told in the queue by Madame Leota via a magic mirror and some parts are told by the Ghost Host. The story unfolds:

    Constance is now owning the Mansion after murdering her five grooms. But she still isn’t satisfied. One day, a young couple, Henry Ravenswood and Emily (yes, the old bride) are strolling by the Mansion, when it begins to rain. Constance invites them to come over and stay the night. Henry and Emily sleep in separate rooms. That night, Constance sneaks into Henry’s room, but instead of killing him right away, she seduces, almost hypnotises him and make him want to marry with her. The next morning, Henry sais (in a confused way) that he is going to marry. Emily thinks that she is the bride (which is understandable…) and she makes herself up for the wedding. At the night of the wedding, she comes running out of the village in a hurry, because she is a bit late. When rushing into the chapel linked to the Mansion, she discovers that she isn’t the bride, but Constance! And just when Emily begins to lose it, all the wedding guests, including Henry, are revealed to be ghosts, all murdered by Constance…

    I’m still puzzling with the ride experience, but I think it has to be an experience in which you, since you discovered the secret (Leota and the Ghost Host weren’t allowed to tell you) and Emily are hunted by Constance. Using 3D-technology (could be accomplished using screens mixed into physical sets and props) and the trackless ride system guests ride through the Mansion, almost killed by the things targeted at them. For example, in the Grand Hall guests will sit actually at the table, when suddenly the forks, knives etc. are coming to life! The Ghost Host plays an important role as the helping hand, but not the way you would expect. He’s only sending you into the next room (“I said I would help you, I didn’t say I would save you!”) and at one point he physically appears in the ride, as the legendary Hatbox Ghost. And even Emily (the old bride) makes an appearance, she is scared (she is hunted by Constance too) and points a way out of the Mansion through a secret passageway in the Mausoleum. After entering the passageway, a scream and a hatchet sound are heard, but the fate of Emily and Constance remains unknown.

    The Graveyard has a really cool gimmick. First, it shows the Graveyard how it was (full of ‘living’ ghosts), but then the hatching axe-sound is heard and the Graveyard turns into a deserted place, the ghosts are gone, the graves are open showing corpses and the Singing Busts are all broken. Constance sits atop of one statue (“Now that’s what I call a fractured song, haha!” or “Busted, haha!”). Overall, the Mansion has a more creepy approach in comparison to the other Mansions.

    I hope you like it

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    Re: The Haunted Mansion: The I Do! Experience

    Very theatrical! Sounds like Mystic Manor, just with a completely different story and no monkey. That would be interesting and fun as another attraction in another park.


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      Re: The Haunted Mansion: The I Do! Experience

      Originally posted by WDITrent View Post
      Very theatrical! Sounds like Mystic Manor, just with a completely different story and no monkey. That would be interesting and fun as another attraction in another park.
      Shanghai Disneyland maybe?

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        Re: The Haunted Mansion: The I Do! Experience

        That sounds really fun! I like how the guests are much more of an active participant in the story in this Mansion than in any of the other mansions.
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          Re: The Haunted Mansion: The I Do! Experience

          My personal little Haunted Mansion theory is that when the old, shaking man with the old, shaking dog was younger, he was engaged to the woman in the stretching room about to be eaten by an alligator.
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