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Disneyland early entry

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  • Disneyland early entry

    Hello everyone, got a quick little question. Ordered our park hopper tickets the other day and i noticed on the back something in very small, like i barely could make it out, writing i never had seen before, "Early Entry". How exactly does it work? How early is early and where do you get to go? Ive been told just Fantasyland by some people and the whole park by others.

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    Early Entry is one hour to the posted opening time for that day (Check for the schedule).

    Early Entry is currently offered on Monday, Tuesday, Thursdays and Saturdays. It features the Fantasyland area, along with Buzz Lightyear.

    I would line up at the Main turnstyles a few minutes prior to the starting time, the CM will mark your ParkHopper to note that you have used you Early Entry.

    If you show up late, and other guests have been allowed in, just stay to the right as you walk down Main Street, a CM will check your PH and allow you past.
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      Is it open to HOTEL guests? Correct?


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        ^NO, you MUST have the specially marked ParkHopper, almost any package deal thru AAA/WDTC will let you get an Early Entry, as will 3 day or more ParkHoppers from Good Neighbor Hotels, etc...

        It is the Admission Media that gets you an Early Entry... just staying at a Disney owned hotel does NOT get you an Early Entry...
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