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Jack Wagner: tho voice of Disneyland

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  • [Fun] Jack Wagner: tho voice of Disneyland

    Jack Wagner (announcer) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    And here is a link to Peoplemover audio via Youtube featuring the late, great Jack Wagner:


    As a kid in the 1970s, I used to love hearing his hearty enthusiasm on WDW's monorail, and I tried to imitate his voice on my answering machine in the 80s.

    When he died, there was an enthusiastic outpouring by many people who loved him in Los Angeles--apparently he was a wonderful person.

    --Tom Sinsky
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    Re: Jack Wagner: tho voice of Disneyland

    Oh that voice! The best!

    And thanks to your Wikipedia link, I now know he's the brother of chorale director Roger Wagner -- had no idea.

    I love seeing him playing "Jack", the malt-shop guy, on old "Adventures of Ozzie and Harriet" episodes.


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      Re: Jack Wagner: tho voice of Disneyland

      I will never forget that voice. Thanks!

      for many years he also was the voice at Orange County Airport (now John Wayne) that announced "The white zone is for the immediate loading and unloading of passengers. No parking." That voice was so airport-y!


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