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Disneyland clipart/borders ?

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  • Disneyland clipart/borders ?

    Does anybody know where I could find some Disneyland borders or clipart for Word, Publisher, etc? I'm putting together a last minute Christmas gift for my sister and it would be much appreciated.

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    Re: Disneyland clipart/borders ?

    I have never found any that work with programs other than what they come on. If you find some let me know.
    What I do is print out what I want and scan it in and make what I want that way.
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      Re: Disneyland clipart/borders ? has LOTS of free disney fonts.

      i'll have to check on the clip art/borders for ya


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        Re: Disneyland clipart/borders ?

        Thanks for your replies. I do have the fonts from The Disney Experience website. What I had in mind was a border with perhaps a small Sleeping Beauty's castle in the bottom right (or left) corner. If I don't find any, I still have three days to put something together.


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