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Suggestions for an upcoming trip

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  • Suggestions for an upcoming trip

    Hey guys, Tommorrow I'm taking a friend to Disneyland tht hasn't been there since 1989. He's a guy that usually enjoys more thrilling attractions (Knotts),but I talked him into coming.

    We're Absolutely Going To ride these to show how the park has changed to be more fun and thrilling for the teens I Guess:

    IJA (Never Been On)
    Splash (Never Been On)
    Space (Not the new one)
    Astro Blasters (Never Been On)

    Going to DCA To Ride all of those because he has never been. Is there anything else I should maKE A POINT TO RIDE TO SHOW HIM HOW THE PARK HAS CHANGED. i ALSO WANT TO KNOW IF ANYONE KNOWS ANY OF THOSE GOOD DEALS ON TICKETS LIKE THE cOSTCO dEAL

    5 days a week

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    Re: Suggestions for an upcoming trip

    I hope that crowds don't bother him. It'll be a shock to him if he hasn't experienced such crowds at a park before.

    I hope that you can do everything that you want to. Sounds like fun.



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      Re: Suggestions for an upcoming trip

      What about Haunted Mansion Holiday? I know its not big on thrills but it is still a really good ride. And since this might be its final year for HMH(or so I hear) it might be a really good idea to take him on it.

      Hope you guys have a great time!


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