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Just a silly, impractical idea

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  • [Idea] Just a silly, impractical idea

    I'll preface this post with a disclaimer: this is just wishful thinking.

    Every time I pass through Fantasyland, my eye is drawn to the distant, sad ruin of the Fantasyland Skyway station and possibilities an imaginative Imagineer could draw out of it.

    My own personal idea: finish and soundproof the building and turn it into an exclusive restaurant with five candlelit booths for two, adults only, and serving either higher-end Italian (a Lady and the Tramp) or French (Ratatouille) cuisine. Soft lighting, gentle, romantic music (double bass, acoustic guitar, accordian), zero plush, a few select wines, unobtrustive servers, delicious chewy bread... version of Disney heaven!

    A gal can dream, right?

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    Re: Just a silly, impractical idea

    Beautiful. This is actually amazing in my opinion
    I would maybe add more booths than five booths. I think it would be a little bit awkward if it ended up being only you in the restaurant depending on how difficult admission is. But I like it!


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      I think it sounds lovely.

      I day dream about ideas like this too


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        Re: Just a silly, impractical idea

        Why not just bring the Skyway back?
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          Re: Just a silly, impractical idea

          What a lovely idea! Especially if they could turn the ride entry ports into a big window so you could look out into Fantasyland.

          Or, how about another 'Dream Suite'?
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            Re: Just a silly, impractical idea

            Holy cow that sounds like a great idea. But you would get so many complaints about the lack of accessibility etc., as you know this would be an expensive dinner. But it jump to the top of my Disney bucket list if it ever happened.

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