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Attractions/Rides = Computer Programs, Rerfubs= Patches/Hotfixes

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  • [Other] Attractions/Rides = Computer Programs, Rerfubs= Patches/Hotfixes

    Doesn't it though? When I think it about, the attractions are like very large complex programs/applications. They require constant checks after it closes. But computer programs don't require check ups every night since they are non-physical programs. But patches and fixes are addressed to fix most of the bugs and problems much like rides. Even for Universal Studios Hollywood and other theme parks around the world.

    Disneyland has many refurbs in the past and to the present. Refurbishments are like large patches that fix the ride's problems as well as replacing and adding new props and parts. Also (PC game) Modding to the attraction is adding total-conversions or partial conversions to the classic attractions like Disney did to HM, POTC, and Star Tours. Same to adding total mod conversions to classic PC games like Command & Conquer series, Starcraft, Warcraft, and Total War series.

    The movie-tie ins are partial conversions instead of replacing everything for POTC. The HM's new attic scene is another partial mod conservation. Star Tours became a total conversion, becoming Star Tours: The Adventures Continues.

    Don't y'all think so? I'm a gamer, so it's fun to think about it. If you know computer game modding like for Skyrim, Oblivion, Morrowind, Neverwinter Nights, etc, etc. Then you'll know what I'm really talking about it.
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    Re: Attractions/Rides = Computer Programs, Rerfubs= Patches/Hotfixes

    It's an interesting analogy. It might be better to think of the rides as computers themselves since it's relatively easy to replace one app with another, or to significantly improve and adapt an app, but rides are limited largely by their hardware. If a ride is a 20 year old computer, it only has so much processing power to handle upgrades; it's initial hardware limits how much modernization you can do. Johnny Depping POTC was a matter of updating the software, whereas Star Tours 2.0 would be something like replacing the motherboard and CPU.


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      Re: Attractions/Rides = Computer Programs, Rerfubs= Patches/Hotfixes

      Given that computers were largely designed to simulate the real world in order to do complex calculations and model systems, I would say that it is the other way around!


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