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Disney's "A Celebration of a Wish Come True"

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  • [Question] Disney's "A Celebration of a Wish Come True"

    Hey everyone,

    My mom was looking through the recent Disney "Family" magazine replacement for the month, and came across this picture. What is wrong with it, most would think, but it does look a little different. The railroad track appears to go straight to the castle, as if the Walt & Mickey statue isn't there. It is obviously not from the back either, as the carousel would be in the way.

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    Re: Disney's "A Celebration of a Wish Come True"

    i think it's just a perception thing, done by the camera, to make it look closer when in fact walt and mickey are still there. it's definitely from the front, based on the window style and the side the tower is on.

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      Re: Disney's "A Celebration of a Wish Come True"

      It's very similar to this picture:

      IMG_7038 by socal_ron, on Flickr

      but taken from higher and to the right. Mine was from Town Square in front of the flagpole, I think theirs was from the train station. Since the picture was taken from the right side, the statue would appear to the left and is behind the float.


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