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holiday merchandise at the park?

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  • [Question] holiday merchandise at the park?

    so i know the winter holidays are still a few months away, and disneyland is in the middle of celebrating halloween right now, but about when will they start bringing out winter holiday merchandise in the stores?

    more specifically, i remember reading this article () last year and being so excited they had some hanukkah things, but never had a chance to go to the park to actually look to see if they were readily available. does anybody remember seeing these things last year? if so, about when did you see them? i'm hoping that if they bring them back this year, my parents can snag a few things for me when they go.


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    Re: holiday merchandise at the park?

    Merchandise switches out quickly, nearly over night. November 1st Halloween dissapears from the shelves quickly and is replaced with Christmas.
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