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Pass Renewal Questions

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  • [Question] Pass Renewal Questions

    I apologize if this has been asked before, but I did a couple searches and couldn't find anything specific to these questions.

    My pass expires in May and my girlfriend and I are going to the parks this coming week. My gf doesn't have a pass so I'll be buying her a two day Park Hopper. I've used my own ticket previously to upgrade to an AP, but will I be able to use the value of her ticket to renew my AP early? I kept thinking of ways I wouldn't be able to, but her name won't be tied to the ticket. I guess they'd wonder why I'd be using a regular Park Hopper instead of my pass..but I'm paying for the Park Hopper, so I figure I should be able to put that credit towards another year for my own AP. Any insight would be appreciated.

    Also related, is there ever a time that's 'too early' to renew? I'm guessing they wouldn't care since money is money.

    Thanks in advance!

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    Re: Pass Renewal Questions

    Others here may have more accurate info, but Disney does indeed care about when you renew your AP. I believe that you are not allowed to renew until between 30-40 days before the expiration date. Disney allowed exceptions to this rule this year with APs that expired around the time of the price increases. If you choose to "renew" before the 40 day outside limit, you will have to buy a new AP and forfeit your current one, since Disney does not allow you to have 2 APs at the same time.


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      Re: Pass Renewal Questions

      Her ticket, her AP. Sorry, no transferring of tickets.

      And make sure she has an ID with her when visiting. ALL multiday tickets need names on them and IDs (or at least last I heard they did) to enter the park.


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