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LTM Lunar New Year Dates

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  • [Other] LTM Lunar New Year Dates

    I was looking at the "Backstage Pass Calendar" and it mentioned "Come celebrate Lunar New Year at Disneyland" printed on Jan 23,2013. I was confused knowing its actually on Feb 10-2013.

    Well I called the AP hotline and talked to "Linda" and after doing some research she got back to me today with the correct dates.

    Lunar New Year will be held in DCA Feb 8th-11th in the San Francisco district.

    I know its not been announced yet but she wanted to clarify this since the misprint on the calender and I won't come down for nothing.

    Since "True Love" is also happening at the same time it makes sense to have it over at DCA.
    I am a Annual Pass Holder and I'm better than you! lol! :ap:

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    Re: LTM Lunar New Year Dates

    It's a shame you can't celebrate the Lunar New Year with a Flight to the Moon anymore.....

    Need to bring that back.


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